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I'm Oliver. I specialise in mid-life body transformations for men and woman aged 30-60 around Oxford who feel like the best years of their life are behind them. I'm an advanced personal trainer and author of Instinctive Fitness, a book that has already changed a lot of lives, and heralds a potential fitness revolution in the UK and beyond.

I help clients around Oxford regain their instincts for healthy living, totally transforming their bodies, losing weight, gaining energy and strength. They do all this while eating like a gourmet, avoiding hours in the gym and without the normal stress and fuss.

I've developed a revolutionary programmes which brings the sort of results that make friends' jaws drop, their bodies rejuvenated and their lives healthier than they've ever been.

Personal Training with me around Oxford is training with a difference. I don't work with athletes or bodybuilders - just ordinary people who need something a bit special to get into the shape of their lives. Many of my clients don't like gyms. Or dieting.

But that's fine with me. I firmly believe that staying in shape should not involve pain, exhaustion or deprivation. My book explains why 'no pain, no gain'  and counting the calories have no place in my oxford personal training programme.

Typically my clients gain:

    * Weight loss, muscle mass gain, or both
    * Greater strength, endurance and power
    * Better performance in sport of choice
    * More energy for work, family, leisure and life
    * Less stress and anxiety
    * Greater happiness and confidence

I show them how peak fitness does not need to involve:

* Low calorie diets

* Exhausting daily exercise programmes

* Expensive Gym memberships, rarely used.


As you already know, the only programmes that work those that people stick with. And the only ones we stick with are the ones we enjoy. It's obvious when you think about it.

This simple fact is one I exploit though, by reconnecting you with the joy of movement that you might not have enjoyed since you were a child. By making it fun, you'll hardly notice the improvements until you take stock. I'll show you natural patterns of movements that come automatically to children and those who haven't been exposed to the years of 'sit-down' conditioning that we have in the modern world. No matter what your age I can get you running, jumping, twisting, turning, climbing, throwing, crawling and generally having fun again. In short I'll be giving you the exercise your body has been crying out for.

As a Oxford based nutritional advisor, I can also put you on the path to healthier eating and better body composition. Here again, I'm different. I will get the results you desire without asking you to eat less. I've developed a 30-Day programme that will transition you from haphard eating habits to eating the highest quality foods whilst steadily losing weight and massively improving your health and energy levels. Your improvements won't come at the expense of following a faddy, low-calorie diet or eating like a mouse. You'll eat well and enjoy your food. In fact, if you want, you can eat like a gourmet. Again, enjoyment is the key for sustainable, long-term improvements.

In short then, what I offer clients near Oxford is a radically different approach to life with new habits of fun, natural patterns of movements and a way of eating that you'll love and want to stick to forever!

To turn your body and your life around, contact me now for your FREE consultation and assessment session on 07943089282 or email 

Oliver Selway, APT, M.A.

Company Background:

Paleo Training is Oxfordshire's first Paleo-based personal training company. And certainly the first in Bicester or Oxford.

Training takes place in any great, convenient, location around Oxford, Bicester and Buckingham (though I know all the best spots!). No gym or equipment required....


Paleo Training includes:

  • One-to-One training or with a partner
  • Personalised support in following the principles laid out in my book and the protocols of the 30-Day Challenge
  • A chance to make new friends and train in a local Oxford group who support each other in making crucial life-changes
  • Periodical fitness assessments to see how far you've come
  • Regular support and consultation by email or phone


Alternatively, if you just want to ring me for a no-pressure relaxed about where your situation and want some general advice, just give me a ring or drop me a line.

Oliver - 07943 089282 -

I do lots of training outside of Bicester and Oxford too: I have clients that I reach even in little, picturesque places like Weston-on-the-green, Kirtlington, Marsh Gibbon and Kidlington (!?)



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